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The Orange Technical Academy gave me the opportunity to develop myself in a high-tech environment. One year ago, I had not expected ever to be in such an inspiring company.Italian candidate

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The Orange Technical Academy Recruits, Selects & Guides technical candidates for jobs in organizations operating in the Netherlands. We focus on European Union candidates as European diplomas and education can be compared to each other. With an internship in a Dutch company as well the candidate as the company will benefit from each other. The candidate will complete his training plan and the company will be able to get to know the candidate as a professional. Most likely, this will result in a job offer.

The Orange Technical Academy recruits outside of The Netherlands. The personnel shortages in the technique sector in The Netherlands are of such a nature and size that will not be solved in a natural manner in the foreseeable future. The Orange Technical Academy collaborates with a number of renowned schools and institutions in the EU to help the candidates to create an optimal fit with the competencies needed on the Dutch labour market.

The Orange Technical Academy guides, coaches and facilitates the candidates to support their social landing and make them feel at home.

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The Orange Technical Academy focuses on jobs for which professionals with a strong technical orientation are needed. As soon as you have passed the selection process, we will guide and coach you to be able to perform well in an internship at a Dutch company. This guidance and coaching will continue during the internship. Furthermore, we will pay extra attention to monitoring your progress on your training plan. So, for what kind of internships are we recruiting? See the vacancies below.

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