The Orange Technical Academy

For Candidates


Are you interested in an international career in the technical sector? The Orange Technical Academy is looking for motivated candidates who want to pursue opportunities in the Dutch technical sector, like in the professions of ICT engineer, Solar panel installer, CNC programmer, Welder, and more.

What we offer

  • Travel costs reimbursed (flight to the Netherlands)
  • A region manager who will pick you up from the airport
  • Accommodation
  • Netflix account and wifi connection at your accommodation, so you can stay connected to the folks back home
  • A company where you can do your internship
  • Guidance and coaching during your internship

What do we ask?

  • Some mastery of the English language
  • Motivated to learn and work
  • Motivated do an internship in The Netherlands

This is how we work

  1. Recruit ambitious people
  • You and The Orange Technical Academy find each other on a career event at school, through a vacancy site or through a mutual friend.
  • We have a intake in which we discuss what you are looking for and what we can offer
  • If we are both interested in cooperation, then we will prepare you for the internship. Maybe you need some extra training or a little help with a language.
  • We will let you know where you will live and who will pick you up from the airport.
  1. Coach & develop candidates
  • We will introduce you at the company and help monitoring your progress in learning the job
  • You will be contacted regularly by us to discuss your well-being
  1. Create international experience
  • You will have your international experience and learn about the job, other cultures, other languages and other people
  • You may be offered a job and start a new future with an international career

Curious to find out what all this could bring you?
Contact us on [email protected].
Or take a look at our vacancies.

For candidates